Travel Alarm

Update: Travel Alarm is on Sale for a Short Time! Paid version is available for free! Get it now!
Sales are on hold for a few days.

Do you feel tired and want to take a nap while Travelling? Travel Alarm is the App for you!

Travel Alarm is an App that makes it easy for you to take a Nap while travelling by eliminating worry to miss your Destination Stop. Travel Alarm allows you to set your Destination with a simple and easy to use Interface. Running in the Background, Travel Alarm uses your Device’s Location Service to periodically check your current location. Whenever you get close to your destination, the App sounds the Alarm to Wake You Up.

Features at a Glance:-
-> Ad Free Interface
-> Minimalistic and Modern Interface
-> Easy to Use
-> Minimal to Zero Impact on Performance
-> Low Memory Footprint
-> Battery Saver Modes

Travel Alarm is Efficient yet Reliable. It is coded in a manner that minimises the impact of the Application on the Performance of Other Applications. It keeps a low memory (Both RAM and Internal Storage) footprint. Battery Saver modes help in saving the Battery Usage so that it does not drain the battery when the Alarm is set.

Note: Due to some known issues, Media Files stored on internal or external storage might not work as Alarm Tones. Make sure to use the Built-in Alarm Tones provided by the OS.

Travel Alarm is built with Ease of Use and Customization in mind. It features a Minimalistic and Simple Interface. It allows you to set:

  • Alarm Range – Distance from your destination when the Alarm will sound
  • Alarm Volume
  • Alarm Tone (Full Version only)
  • Battery Saver Modes (Full Version only)

Available in Lite Version, you are given an opportunity to Try the App for free before going for the Full Version. Travel Alarm is available for devices running Android 4.0 and above.

Give it a shot – Travel Alarm Lite
Or Get the Full version – Travel Alarm

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